A Tooth That Cannot Be Treated by Endodontic Therapy Might Need a Bridge Restoration

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Endodontic therapy is often called for to treat a tooth that has suffered damage or decay in the sensitivity pulp or root of the tooth. Sometimes referred to as a root canal, this treatment plan calls for excising all affected structures, along with the tooth’s enamel layer.

Then the structural integrity of the tooth is rebuilt with special endodontic materials. This will provide an abutment capable of securely anchoring a dental crown restoration.

In some of these cases, the trauma to the tooth or the socket structure might be too severe for Dr. Randy Cockrell to viably treat it with endodontic therapy. In a situation like this, he might advocate a total extraction to alleviate the pain and prevent a severe periodontal infection.

Aftercare measures might a prescription for any necessary pain medication or antibiotics to help speed the recovery process and alleviate latent pain.

When you are ready, Dr. Randy Cockrell might recommend restoring the tooth by installing a dental bridge to replace the extracted tooth and restore the basic function of your mouth. It is essentially an artificial replica tooth fused into one solid piece of dental work. It incorporates open dental crowns on each end which will eventually be anchored onto abutments formed from the two closest teeth.

Our dentist will then carefully create two abutments, by removing the tooth enamel layer from each adjacent tooth. Then an impression of the area will be used to create your dental bridge. When it is ready, Dr. Randy Cockrell will cement your dental bridge onto the abutments.

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