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Our family dentist in Placentia, CA, can treat patients of all ages. This can range from young children to older adults. There are a few reasons that it’s important to have a dentist who is comfortable treating patients of all ages.
Children benefit greatly from going to the dentist at a young age. Not only is it important to teach them to take care of their teeth, but the sooner they start going to the dentist in Placentia, CA, the sooner they’ll start to feel comfortable at the dentist’s office. This can help to prevent dental anxiety later on in life. Younger children tend to benefit from seeing the dentist more than older children do. This often has to do with their temperament, and a dentist who is comfortable treating children will be able to get them to calm down and feel comfortable at the dentist.

Benefits of Having A Family Dentist in Placentia, CA

There are many benefits of choosing our family dentist in Placentia, CA, such as:

Better Preventive Care

One of the biggest benefits is having better preventive care. When your family sees the same dentist regularly, your dentist in Placentia, CA, will be able to keep a better eye on any changes that may occur in your dental health.

Better Education For The Young Ones

Starting off early with the dentist in Placentia, CA, is important. A family dentist provides your young ones with opportunities to make connections with the dentist and staff. This instills a level of comfort and trust. This encourages them to visit the dentist regularly as they get older.

Better Guidance For Adult Patients

Many adults who have never had a family dentist in the past aren’t sure what benefits they can expect. A family dentist will be familiar with oral care needs at every age and with how delicate younger mouths are. A family dentist can also provide better guidance for adults in terms of at-home care.

Better Experience With The Dentist

Having a family dentist is beneficial in many ways. First, your children feel more comfortable seeing the same dentist as you and your family. This allows them to develop a relationship with their dentist, which can make all procedures easier. Plus, if they have dental anxiety, seeing the same dentist in Placentia, CA, allows them to see that it isn’t so scary after all.

Better Overall Care

Our family dentist in Placentia, CA, is able to care for all of the oral health needs for multiple children and adults. This is different than seeing a separate dentist for each family member. Having one dentist that everyone is comfortable with is great for both kids and adults!

Better Availability

You can usually get in to see your dentist in Placentia, CA, faster when you schedule a whole family’s appointments.
That means you won’t have to wait as long to get in for an appointment if everyone in your family is visiting the dentist at the same time. In addition to saving you time, it can save you gas money, too.

Better Comfort

When you have a family dentist, all family members can be seen by the same dentist. This reduces the number of visits each member has to make to the dentist. This saves everyone valuable time. Everyone can schedule their family dental appointments during the same time slot.
Additionally, seeing the same dentist every time you visit the dentist’s office allows for the dentist to get to know everyone in your family. The dentist can get to know your dental history, whether you have any issues with your teeth, and your personal preferences.

Easier Scheduling

Scheduling appointments for the whole family in the same place simplifies things, especially when you’re juggling school schedules, work, and extracurricular activities.
Many same-day dental appointments are available, and you can even schedule after hours. Plus, many dentists offer family block appointments, so you only have to make one trip for everyone.
With family block appointments, you can take care of everyone in one visit. This can save you time and hassle, as you won’t have to go to several appointments.

Many Dental Services

Our family dentist in Placentia, CA, offers a variety of services, from general cleanings to child-specific treatments, like fluoride varnishes and sealants. Having these services in one office means you won’t have to take your kids anywhere else for their dental needs.


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