Dr. Randy Cockrell offers treatments for sleep apnea to improve your oral and overall health and help you rest better at night.  There are a number of appliances available to help you manage sleep apnea.  Please call us at 714-974-0949 to learn more about sleep apnea treatment and schedule your consultation with our experienced dentist in Anaheim Hills, California.

Sleep apnea is a medical disorder, and can be fatal if left untreated.  Patients suffering from sleep apnea experience blocked airways while asleep, and in some cases can stop breathing hundreds of times each night.  There are a number of dental devices that work to alleviate sleep apnea.  While the most common treatment for this disorder is a CPAP machine (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure), a number of other appliances are also available.  Some of the most common sleep apnea appliances include:

TAP® 3 (Thornton Adjustable Positioner)

The TAP® 3 appliance is a custom-made, two-part device that fits over the teeth like a sports mouth guard.  It projects the jaw forward, preventing the tongue and soft tissues from blocking the airway.  The lower jaw positioner is adjustable, making it easy for you to be comfortable while wearing it.  This appliance can accommodate the three main types of malocclusion (bad bites) and allows the lips to fully close.

Herbst Telescopic Appliance

The Herbst appliance is held in the mouth by clasps and friction grips.  The advantage of this treatment is that the wearer is able to move vertically and laterally without dislodging the appliance.  This treatment is recommended in mild and moderate cases of sleep apnea, and is very effective at alleviating loud snoring effectively.

SomnoMed oral appliances are the ideal solution for patient with severe obstructive sleep apnea who are unable and are unwilling to use CPAP devices or receive surgery to correct the problem causing their condition. These oral appliances are manufactured using dental impressions to ensure a perfect fit, and come in many different types to provide a solution that meets your specific needs. This oral appliance is worn during sleep to keep your airway open and help you rest better at night.

Similar to the TAP® 3 device, TAP® advances and stabilizes the jaw to prevent the tongue and soft tissues from collapsing into the airway. It can be fit to your mouth is as little as 15 minutes, and works to keep your airway open so that you can breathe without problem while you sleep.

If your breathing problems occur during both the day and the night, Respire oral appliances could be the solution for you. Breathing-related sleep disorders are often diagnosed in conjunction with TMJ dysfunctions, so we offer Respire oral appliances to help you during both your waking and your sleeping hours.

This oral appliance is designed to combat snoring and sleep apnea by keeping your airways open by keeping the mandible in an advanced position. This flexible device is designed using CAD/CAM technology to ensure that it is fitted specifically to your mouth.

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