A common treatment offered by Dr. Randy Cockrell to help you manage your gum disease is root planing and scaling, or a deep dental cleaning. This treatment helps to clear your mouth of harmful bacteria, making it easier to prevent the spread of periodontal disease. For more information about root planing and scaling and to schedule your appointment with our experienced dentist in Anaheim Hills, California, please call us today at 714-974-0949.

Root planing and scaling involves a significantly more intensive cleaning procedure than a regular dental cleaning. When you have this periodontal treatment, our hygienist will scale your teeth to clean below the gums, helping prevent your gum disease from developing and spreading further in your mouth. We will also take the time to search for any other problematic developments in your oral health. Our hygienist will also polish your teeth, making them smoother and less likely to attract bacteria.

A deep dental cleaning is also a much more extensive cleaning that what you are able to perform on your own. Even if you have perfect oral hygiene habits, you will be unable to protect the portions of your mouth below the gum line. root planning and scalingwill remove the plaque and tartar in these and other difficult-to-reach areas of your mouth.

If you have gum disease, we recommend that you visit us frequently to receive a deep dental cleaning. Our dentist will recommend a schedule based on the severity of your disease and your oral health history. To learn more about deep dental cleanings and to make your appointment, please contact our office today.