Digital X-Rays in Anaheim Hills, CA

Digital X-Rays in Anaheim Hills, CA

Dental technology has progressed over time to provide patients with care that is more pleasant, painless, and time-efficient. There were several drawbacks with standard X-ray techniques previously, such as long waiting times, film preparation time, environmental concerns, and so on. As a result, digital radiography has completely transformed the method of dental X-rays.

What are Digital Dental X-rays?

The new DEXIS Titanium sensor captures consistent, high-quality images with improved tissue contrast across the broader spectrum of radiation levels especially at low doses†. This remarkable sensor is engineered to be exceptionally reliable and includes an unprecedented, industry-first unconditional performance guarantee‡. Additionally, DEXIS Titanium uses SMART technology that integrates motion detection within the device. By simply making a gesture with the sensor, you can replace interaction with your computer to initiate image capture, thereby saving time.

How are Digital Dental X-rays Taken?

The procedure for having digital dental x-rays is quite similar to that of traditional x-rays. A sensor will be inserted in your mouth that will capture the images of your teeth and jaw. This digital sensor delivers data straight to the computer linked to it, allowing you and the dentist to instantly see the photos taken on a screen in the treatment room. Multiple images can also be taken, and the images taken can be enhanced or enlarged as per the requirement for a clearer view and better judgment.     

What are the Advantages of Digital Dental X-rays?

Less exposure to radiation

Digital dental x-rays can take many intra-oral x-rays while emitting significantly less radiation than traditional radiography. This means you'll receive a detailed, comprehensive treatment plan with up to 85% less radiation exposure. Digital dental x-rays make it feasible to provide safer and healthier radiography than traditional x-rays.

More accuracy in a lesser time

We can alter the digital image on the screen if necessary, such as enlarging or magnifying any parts that require close inspection. This helps detect any minor cavities or other areas of concern much easier. We can diagnose any abnormalities more efficiently and quickly using digital dental x-rays because we don't have to wait for an x-ray film to develop.

Easy progress tracking and data storage capabilities

Digital x-rays also come with the added advantage of being able to be easily stored in a patient's digital file that can be reviewed instantly at any given time. X-rays can be overlaid on photos recorded previously so that you can observe how your treatment is progressing.

Environment friendly

Traditional radiography uses chemicals that are hazardous for both the environment and the human body. Digital radiography does not use any such dangerous chemicals.

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