Intraoral Camera in Anaheim Hills, CA

Intraoral Camera in Anaheim Hills, CA

Every day, new inventions are introduced to make our lives easier. Innovations in dentistry have made assessing and diagnosing oral health concerns easier, as well as making treatments less intrusive, more comfortable, and convenient. One of the many dental advancements used for assessing and diagnosing oral health problems is the intraoral camera.

What is an Intraoral Camera?

An intraoral camera is a device that your dentist uses to inspect your mouth in great detail. The device, which resembles an oversized pen, contains a camera that captures high-resolution footage or photographs of a patient's mouth and displays them on a monitor in real-time. Consider it as a high-tech version of the hand mirrors you see in a dentist's office.


  • Video and pictures feature
  • Magnification
  • Led light
  • Curing light for composite
  • Fluorescence to detect tooth decay

What are the Uses of Intraoral Camera?

The primary purpose of using an intraoral camera is to evaluate and diagnose oral health issues. Some other applications of the intraoral camera are:

Oral cancer screening

The intraoral camera is used to detect abnormalities or tumors in the mouth that could be signs of oral cancer. Photos from the screening are sent to a cancer specialist for a more accurate assessment and diagnosis of the patient's oral health. Traditional mirrors may not be able to provide a precise description and measurement of the lesion or tumors inside the mouth, but the images obtained can.

Patient knowledge

Intraoral cameras are used by most dental practitioners to educate their patients about their oral health. The patient can observe the condition of his or her teeth using the camera, which aids the dentist in addressing the condition of the teeth and how it can be avoided.

Tracking the treatment's progression

The intraoral camera's photographs and videos will serve as a foundation for the patient's oral health state. The images saved on file can be reviewed to determine whether previous dental procedures have improved the patient's dental health.

Patient convincing

The dentist will be able to explain the disease status and how the planned dental treatment would assist in controlling the problem, using the videos and photographs recorded by the camera. This will help in calming and convincing people who are anxious and unwilling to undergo dental treatment.

What are the Benefits of Intraoral Camera?

  • Intraoral cameras are small and easy to use, making it possible to see the corners of your mouth that are difficult to see with your naked eyes or dental mirrors.
  • If necessary, the images saved can also be shared with a specialist or the patient's insurance carrier.
  • Intraoral cameras can also be used to monitor the treatment's success after it's finished.

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