Periodontal Treatments in Anaheim Hills, CA

Periodontal Treatments in Anaheim Hills, CA

The purpose of periodontal treatment is to clean the dental pockets to prevent damage to the surrounding bone. There is a better chance of success if you follow a regular regimen of proper oral hygiene and manage health issues that could impact teeth health.

Non-surgical Treatments

If it is not too severe, periodontal treatment options may include minimally invasive procedures, such as:


It removes tartar and bacteria from your teeth' surfaces and under gums. It is possible to perform it using dental instruments, lasers, and ultrasonic instruments.

Root planing

It smooths the surfaces of the root, preventing the further accumulation of tartar and bacteria. It also removes the byproducts which cause inflammation and slow healing or the reattachment of gums to tooth surfaces.


They are used to treat bacteria. Topical antibiotics may include mouth rinses that contain antimicrobials or the use of gels with antibiotics into the space between your gums and teeth after a thorough cleaning. Oral antibiotics can eliminate infection-causing bacteria.

Surgical Treatments 

If you suffer from advanced periodontitis, you would require treatment, such as:

The Flap Surgery 

It is a pocket reduction procedure where a periodontist creates tiny cuts in gums to expose the roots for better scaling and root planing. Since periodontitis is the reason for bone loss, the bone might be recontoured before suturing. After healing, it's easier to wash the affected areas and retain good gum health.

Bone Grafting

It is done when periodontitis has destroyed the bone around the tooth's root. The graft could be made up of small pieces from your bone or made from synthetic material. The bone graft can prevent tooth loss by keeping your tooth in its place. It also acts as a support to help regrow the natural bone.

Soft Tissue Grafts

When you lose gum tissue, the gum line shrinks. You may need certain areas of damaged soft tissue strengthened. It involves taking a small amount of tissue from the mouth's palate or using tissues from a different donor source and affixing it to the damaged area. It will help reduce gum recession, conceal the exposed roots, and provide your smile with an attractive appearance.

Guided Tissue Regeneration

It allows the regeneration of bone damaged by the bacteria. The dentist inserts a piece of biocompatible material between your bone and the tooth. It stops any unwanted tissue from getting into the area of healing and allows the bone to regenerate.

Tissue Stimulating Proteins

It involves applying a specific gel to the damaged tooth root. It contains proteins that are found in tooth enamel and help stimulate the development of healthy bone and tissues.

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