Prophylaxis in Anaheim Hills, CA

Prophylaxis in Anaheim Hills, CA

Over time your teeth tend to develop plaque (a sticky film brimming with bacteria) as well as hard deposits (called calculus or tartar) that are difficult to eliminate without the help of dental tools. If the deposits remain on the surface of the teeth or beneath the gum line, they create the perfect environment for bacteria to expand. The acids produced by these bacteria can cause tooth decay and gum disease. If left uncontrolled, it could cause inflammation and gum infections and may also affect the whole body.

Dentists have a specific word for preventive procedures, such as cleaning your teeth: prophylaxis. It refers to a regular dental cleaning. Routine appointments for prophylaxis are an essential preventative measure at least once every six months. 

Prophylaxis appointments mean that you will be treated to thorough dental cleaning from dentists and a meticulous exam by dental professionals. When performed in conjunction with a regular dental exam, professional cleanings can help combat the most common oral concerns. 

How Is It Done?

Teeth cleaning is usually done by a dental hygiene professional who utilizes a specific set of instruments specifically designed for cleaning purposes. Since every patient's mouth is unique, the treatment is tailored to specific requirements.

The dental hygienist conducts an oral exam to assess the health of the patient's mouth tissues. The cleaning process will then take place with the ultrasonic scaling device or instruments, also known as curettes, to eliminate the calculus and plaque from the surface of the teeth. 

Ultrasonic scalers are hand-held devices with a tiny tip that oscillates at a high rate. The hardened deposits are broken through the swift rotation of the tip. The constant flow of liquid (called lavage) helps cool the tooth, removes plaque, and cleans away the remaining debris.

If your teeth have sensitivity, hand-held instruments called curettes could be more comfortable. The procedure requires only moderate pressure to eliminate any stubborn buildup and clean the teeth regardless of the tools employed.

Then, your teeth are polished using a rotary brush that is equipped with a highly soft tip. A toothpaste-like gel is applied to the teeth, and the tip spins and polishes them, making them smooth and shiny.

What to Expect?

A majority of people don't experience any discomfort when they undergo dental cleanings. We recommend more frequent cleanings in our dental practice. Routine maintenance can help you avoid more complicated dental procedures in the future and will offer the most excellent chance to keep your teeth healthy for the rest of your life!

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