Root Planing & Scaling in Anaheim Hills, CA

Root Planing & Scaling in Anaheim Hills, CA

Root planing and scaling include the elimination of hardened tartar and stains on teeth and their roots. 

The dentist generally divides the process of root planing and scaling into two sessions. The first appointment is when they cleanse the lower and upper quadrants on one side of the mouth. The other two quadrants are cleaned during the next meeting.

The root planing and scaling procedures typically comprise of following steps:

Step 1: Local Anesthesia

Root planing and scaling require the use of local anesthesia. It is also called a membrane-stabilizing medication, which helps to control bleeding and pain. First, the dentist injects the medication into the patient's mouth to numb the area being treated. The patient will remain awake and alert throughout the procedure and won't experience discomfort. 

Step 2: Scaling

The second stage of the process is to perform subgingival scaling. Now the dentist cleans away plaque and calculus present beneath the gums and on the base of the crowns.

Step 3: Root Planing

Periodontitis can cause damage to the dentin, cementum, or both. Root planing is a method for smoothing rough areas and eliminating all subgingival bacteria. During the treatment, our dentist cleanses deep below the gums to get rid of tartar and plaque. The process involves the complete elimination of cementum. It is the film of calcification that covers the root of a tooth. The process may also require taking off a thin layer of dentin, which is the tooth's second layer that develops beneath the enamel.

Step 4: Post Surgery

After the procedure is completed, the dentist will rinse the area to remove all remaining bacteria. Gums that are properly healed appear healthy, solid and ideally shaped.

Aftercare Tips

Maintaining a healthy oral hygiene routine is essential to avoid the formation of chronic periodontitis. It is the most severe form of gum disease that causes bone loss that cannot grow back. Severe periodontal disease requires surgery.

It's essential to maintain proper oral hygiene at your home. It includes brushing your teeth daily, twice, using fluoride toothpaste. It should be followed by flossing and then rinsing your mouth with mouthwash.

How Often Do You Require Root Planing or Scaling?

Our dentist might suggest scaling and root planing treatment at least twice per year if you suffer from a severe periodontal condition. If your teeth and gums are in good condition following the initial procedure, you should only have regular dental examinations every year. 

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