Tooth Extraction in Anaheim Hills, CA

Tooth Extraction in Anaheim Hills, CA

Tooth extraction refers to the process of removing a tooth from the socket. This standard dental procedure is recommended if the damage in your tooth is too severe to restore. Such extractions are necessary to treat problems such as cavities, gum diseases, malocclusion, and others. Other reasons for tooth extractions include trauma or injury, decay or infection that has reached deep into your tooth, baby teeth not falling out, extraction of wisdom tooth, orthodontic treatment, etc. 

Preparation for Tooth Extraction

Our dentist will review your medical and dental history, followed by taking your dental X-ray or CT scan to know about the length, position, and shape of your tooth and its surrounding bone. A local or block anesthetic will be given to numb the area around your tooth. 

Process of Tooth Extraction

Simple Tooth Extraction: 

This process involves removing the tooth visible in your mouth. After numbing your tooth and gum tissue, our dentist will loosen your tooth using an instrument known as an elevator. Next, they will remove it using dental forceps. 

Surgical Tooth Extraction: 

It is a more serious procedure used to extract a tooth broken off at the gum line or hasn’t erupted fully out of the socket. This surgery is performed by our oral surgeons after making a small incision into your gum and removing the underlying tooth. 

Bone graft after tooth extraction:

If there is a plan to replace the missing tooth by dental implant, placement of bone graft at the time extraction in the socket is recommended.
This process is very important to be done precisely to help maintane or regain the bone level upon extraction.

Post Extraction Care

After your procedure of tooth extraction, it is essential to keep the area clean and prevent it from getting infected. You will be guided by our dentist to bite down on a piece of sterile gauze. Keep this gauze in place for 30-45 minutes to control bleeding while clots keep taking place. We will also give you detailed aftercare instructions to follow. It is strictly recommended not to smoke or clean the teeth next to your extraction site. Avoid rinsing your mouth too vigorously. 

It is normal to suffer from mild pain or discomfort after the procedure. You may be prescribed a painkiller if the pain does not subside. Applying an ice pack on your cheek also helps to relieve pain and reduce swelling. Do not perform any strenuous activity, and be particular in terms of what you eat. Do not consume hot liquids or foods. Usually, the discomfort lessens within three days of the procedure. However, if you still suffer from severe pain, bleeding from your tooth, swelling, or fever, get in touch with our dentist. 

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