All Ceramic Crowns in Anaheim Hills, CA

All Ceramic Crowns in Anaheim Hills, CA

Dental crowns are used to repair and replace teeth that have been broken, decayed, or otherwise deficient. A crown composed entirely of dental ceramic or dental porcelain is referred to as an all-ceramic restoration. It is a biocompatible, aesthetically pleasing, and durable material that can be used to restore a broken or rotting tooth. 

Uses of All-Ceramic Restorations

All-ceramic restorations can be used in several ways:

• Restoring the shape of a tooth that has been broken or fractured, also known as restorative orthodontics

• Assembling fragments of a shattered tooth

• Replacing a lost tooth or teeth

• Improving the aesthetic appearance of severely defective teeth

• As the last stage in a root canal procedure

Dental crowns are traditionally prepared and put in two visits to the dentist's office. Our dentistry has invested in E4D digital scanning equipment, enabling us to prepare, fabricate, and install your all-ceramic restoration in one appointment. While same-day dental crowns are exactly as effective as conventional crowns, they could save you considerable time – sick leave or vacation time – and worry.

All-Ceramic Dental Restorative Procedure

If your tooth needs an all-ceramic crown, your dentist will begin by removing decay and prepping or contouring the tooth. This stage creates room for the new dental crown to fit snugly. After removing the necessary enamel, your dentist then digitally analyzes the tooth. A computer-generated model of the new restoration is created, after which an on-site milling machine fabricates the crown from a single piece of ceramic. Your dentist will then examine the crown to verify that it correctly fits, feels, and looks, and then the crown will be securely attached to the tooth using a block of special cement.

Advantages of All-Ceramic Dental Restorative Materials

There are several advantages to using all-ceramic for your dental restoration, including:

• Ceramic is a biocompatible material that is more aesthetically pleasing.

• It is also a robust, abrasion-resistant material.

• It is less likely to be harmed by oral fluids.

• Ceramic is more resistant to extreme heat and cold.


In only one visit to the clinic, your dentist may provide all-ceramic crowns. 


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