Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

General dentistry procedure includes examining your dental health and keeping your mouth healthy with simple procedures, restorations, etc. But when your dental problems are too complicated for such treatments, you may have to opt for oral and maxillofacial surgery. 

What is Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery? 

Oral and maxillofacial surgery is used to diagnose and treat complicated dental problems and medical conditions related to both the functional and aesthetic aspects of teeth, jaws, mouth, and face. Much of the treatment is focused on treating your condition using surgery and procedure performed by our oral maxillofacial surgeon.

Usually, maxillofacial surgeons perform surgeries aimed at correcting problems or making cosmetic changes. Besides, they will also recommend you with a course for recovery post-surgery. 

  • Dental Implant Surgery 

If a patient has one or more missing teeth in the mouth, dental implants provide a durable, long-lasting option to replace them. A dental implant helps to fill gaps in your smile caused as a result of missing teeth. The surgery involves replacing the root area of your teeth using a metal screw-like post. It provides your teeth a strong base for crowns or artificial teeth which appear exactly like your natural teeth. 

  • Oral Cancer Diagnosis 

During your dental visits, we perform oral cancer diagnosis using FDA-approved VELscope® that helps detect oral cancer during its initial stages. VELscope® uses Fluorescence Visualization (FV); when the bright blue light is shone into the patient's mouth, it exposes precancerous and cancerous lesions that are otherwise invisible to the naked eye. 

Annual regular oral cancer screenings help the patient to stay protected from oral cancer. 

  • TMJ Disorder 

In some cases, your TMJ disorder may require surgery. After studying your case, we may perform arthroscopy or restore your damaged tissue using a direct surgical approach. Arthroscopy is the least invasive jaw surgery performed under general anesthesia to treat TMJ disorder. 

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