Pediatric Dentistry in Anaheim Hills, CA

Pediatric Dentistry in Anaheim Hills, CA

Pediatric dentists are committed to improving the oral health of youngsters, from the age of infancy to the teenage years. They cover every aspect of oral health care for growing children and have the expertise and skills to take care of children's gums, teeth and mouth through the various stages of their life. 

Children begin to acquire their teeth as babies during the first six months of their lives. When they reach the age of 6 to 7, they start losing their baby teeth that are then replaced with permanent teeth. If they don't receive proper dental care, they could be at risk of dental decay, leading to an entire lifetime of discomfort and complications. Common oral ailments that usually impact children comprise:

  • Teeth decay and cavities.
  • Misaligned bite
  • A physical injury on the face 
  • Gum disease like gingivitis (mild) and periodontal disorders (advanced)
  • Teeth or enamel erosion
  • Tooth development interruptions and other irregularities like cleft lip and palate

Types of Treatments Offered by Pediatric Dentists

A pediatric dentist can provide many treatment options in addition to the knowledge and education to take care of your child's gums, teeth, and mouth. Pediatric dentists provide an extensive oral health treatment that includes:

  • Nutritional and diet guidelines
  • Teeth cleaning and fluoride treatments
  • Restoration of dental cavities or deformities
  • Health exams that include risk assessments for caries among mother and the child
  • Dental injuries like broken, dislocated, or knocked-out teeth.
  • Habit counseling for thumb sucking and using a pacifier
  • Early assessment and treatment to straighten teeth and correct an unnatural bite (orthodontics)
  • Diagnostics of oral ailments that are related to diseases like a congenital heart defect, diabetes, asthma, hay fever, and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder.

The Best Care For Children

Children are not always friendly and patient when they undergo a dental examination. Pediatric dentists are capable of treating and examining children in ways that are comfortable for them. They utilize specially-designed equipment in their offices, organized to keep the children's interests in mind.

Children should see their dentist every two times per year to have an annual dental examination along with a dental cleaning. These exams lower the risk of getting sick by keeping their dental needs well-maintained throughout their lives. The first appointment is recommended to be timed within six months after your baby's initial tooth eruption.

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