The Link Between Enamel Erosion and Acidity

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Did you know there is a link between enamel erosion and acidity? In fact, one of the greatest contributors to dental erosion is acidic foods and drinks. Dental erosion is the process of your tooth enamel being worn down. Although dental erosion is preventable, it is often the cause for a great many tooth failures and can lead to cavities, infection, and eventual tooth loss.

Dental erosion caused by foods and drinks is prevalent given the types of products we typically consume as part of an overall diet. To help improve your oral health, remove acidic foods and sugary sweets and drinks from your diet immediately. If this is improbable, try limiting these products to large meals only, so it can help dilute and neutralize the potentially hazardous acids.

Saliva is a wonderful product that your mouth can product to help fight back against dental erosion. Thus, it would be wise to consider the use of saliva-producing treatments such as chewing sugarless gum to help stimulate saliva flow and improve your oral health care. With the right treatment tactics, it may be possible to save your smile.

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