Treat Your Toothache Right Away

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Toothaches can put a damper on your day. They can also be a warning sign that something is wrong with your smile. That is why our dentist and team in Anaheim Hills, California, are happy to talk to you about how to treat your toothache, so you can go back to enjoying your day.

The first thing to remember to do at the sign of a throbbing toothache is to call your dental office and make an appointment with Dr. Randy Cockrell as soon as possible. That way you can discover the cause of the problem and get the proper care and treatment you need to restore your smile. In the meantime, something you can on your own is to clean out your teeth and the painful area. This is an essential step in case there is something wedged between your gums and tooth causing the pain.

Other treatments you can do on your own is to use an ice pack to numb the pain as you await your appointment with the dentist. Numerous treatment options could include antibiotics if there is an infection, draining the infected area, a dental crown, a dental filling, or even a root canal if required.

To learn more about your options, please call us today at 714-974-0949 to set up an appointment. Our friendly dental team wants to help you with your oral care needs. So, call us today and make an appointment. We are always happy to help you smile.