What Should Make Up Your Custom Dental Crown?

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One of the most popular methods to restore decayed or damaged tooth enamel is to use a dental crown. There are many material options for a dental crown, and our dentist can help you select a material based on the specific needs of the tooth.

If you are interested in restoring your smile to its original appearance or better, Dr. Randy Cockrell may recommend a porcelain dental crown. Dental porcelain can be custom shaded to your tooth enamel so that your new dental crown blends seamlessly with your smile and looks natural. In fact, porcelain is the most cosmetic option for dental crown material.

A damaged premolar or incisor that is visible in your smile may be optimal for a special crown made of porcelain fused with a metal core. The metal provides the necessary strength for the tooth to bite off and chew tough foods.

Weakened molars and premolars need to regain the strength to chew up and grind foods, and are often repaired with a durable base metal alloy or gold alloy. However, these materials will stand out against your natural tooth enamel and should not be considered as a cosmetic option for your teeth.

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